Searching for the perfect font

I’m on a search for the ideal theological font.  That font will have several characteristics:

  • Serif, variable-width, academic quality: primarily for papers
  • Full unicode character set: I type a lot of Greek and a little Hebrew
  • Nothing that bothers me, viz.,
    • Getting smaller (Gentium, Times [New Roman]) or larger (Cardo) when italicized
    • Looking boring (Times [New Roman])
    • Lacking characters and substituting mis-matched letters from a “similar” font (Cambria, Book Antiqua, Garamond, Bookman Old Style)
    • Overly narrow characters or kerning

Recommendations, anyone?

Reader input requested! Crazy question of the day…

I’m taking a Greek class next semester that includes memorizing nearly all the vocab in the New Testament.  My goal is to use my iPod Touch for my vocab flash cards.  I’ve looked at a few apps that do vocab cards, but none specially set for all NT Greek vocab (yep, it’s not the most common college course).

What I’d like to know is…

  1. have you found a good app that already has most of the NT Greek vocab (sorted alphabetically) available for it,
  2. have you used any iPod Touch flash card apps (which, and what do you think) or
  3. do you have or know where I could find an electronic list of all NT Greek vocab (spreadsheet, csv, Access DB, etc.)?

If you’ve got helpful info, drop a comment below.  If you’ve got access to a file, I’ll reply to your comment via email.

Thanks much!

UPDATE: Thanks to some comments, tweets and research, I’ve got the list of all vocab words & glosses in a CSV file.  When I get access to a macro-capable copy of MS Office (i.e., not ’08 for Mac!), I’ll run the BibleWorks Greek to Unicode font, then start experimenting with an iPod Touch app to see what works best.  I’ll report what happens as I go…

Greek Vocab Quiz

This is TheoQuiz – a software developed by a BJU Seminary student. It quizzes you on Greek & Hebrew vocab, chapter content, systematic theology verses, and several other categories. Most of the time it works well, but if it doesn’t, sorry. I’m just passing the program along since it’s useful, but I can’t answer any help calls. Hope you enjoy it! Download here.