Refalizer (Firefox)

Several months ago, I started using RefTagger from Logos on this site.  That free code snippet automatically adds hyperlinks to any Scripture reference I type in a post here.  That link will take you to the passage (online) and display a pop-up box with the verse(s) in it when you hover your mouse over the link.

That’s fine for my blog, but what about the dozens of other blogs I read (many of which don’t use RefTagger)?  Refalizer adds a very similar feature to Firefox so that you can have a hyperlink for every reference displayed in your browser.  (Well, almost every.  I typically use a period between the chapter & verse numbers and Refalizer quits at the period and only links to the book/chapter.  Perhaps that’s an update coming soon?)  Still, it’s quite an improvement over opening another tab to look it up “the long way.”  And as a Firefox extension, it’s a cinch to install.  It access a half-dozen or so different online Bible sites and offers quite a number of translations.  You can pick your personal favorite in the preferences (open “Addons” and click “Preferences” on the Refalizer extension box).

You can download the Refalizer extension here.

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