No Ecclesiastes for the next two weeks either…

I’m afraid so…  We didn’t have a lesson last week because of Missions Conference.  Next week, we will have Dr. Tim Berrey as a special guest, so I won’t be teaching on Ecclesiastes then either, and then the week after that, Baptist World Missions will be hosting their new missionary orientation at Camp Joy and we’ll have a missions focus that week as well (and since it’s Mother’s Day, I’m planning to be back in Illinois with my mother).  Then Sunday, May 18 will be my last Sunday in Ecclesiastes.  I was really hoping to spend 2 lessons going through the entire book putting all the individual motifs back together and going through the book as a unit.  But since I’ll be moving on May 22, I’ll have to compress that into one week.  I’ll need either to do some severe editing or else to talk exceedingly quickly and then slow the audio file down before I post it. ūüôā

No Ecclesiastes lesson this week – Missions Conference

We’re currently having our yearly Missions Conference at Kettle Moraine Baptist Church this week – including a special Sunday School time with a missionary speaker.¬† From Sunday School to Wednesday night, we’re hearing from four of our different missionaries:

  • Vic Labelle and family (Mexico)
  • Mike McGowan (Japan)
  • Mark Sheppard and family (Liberia)
  • Terry Rushing and family (Wings as Eagles)

So far, the conference has gone well – the Lord has lined up much in the preaching for the week and a common theme is prominent: missions is all about God’s glory.¬† Our church theme is “Ambassadors for the Glory of God in Christ” and nearly every missionary has emphasized God’s glory during presentation and preaching.¬† And they’re not talking about God’s glory in missions in an aside to match the print materials – they’re talking about glorifying God as the heart of their ministries and as something that they preach & present at every church they go to.

I was reading last night about God’s passion for the spread of His fame as the grounds for the gospel.¬† He is zealous to see His name (reputation) spread across the globe.¬† That’s why we “do missions” – because we want to delight in the same things He delights in – namely, spreading His fame worldwide.

Keeping His Commandments

Solomon closes Ecclesiastes with a two-fold exhortation: fear God and keep His commandments. This lesson looks into the relationship between the New Testament Christian and the Old Testament Law.


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Enjoying Life as a Gift from God

Eat, drink and be merry – the Epicurean’s motto, a despairing last resort or God’s will for your life? This seventh lesson in the Ecclesiastes series examines the “joy-theme” that runs through Ecclesiastes and applies it to our lives today.


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