Moving Again

A year ago, my family & I moved to Charlotte. The job that took us there was really good for me: I learned a lot, worked with some talented developers, and contributed to some exciting projects. We also met and fell in love with a small church called CityLight . I enjoyed being part of the… [Read More]

Moving On

All good things must come to an end. I arrived in Greenville, SC, in 2001 as a college freshman. Discounting some summers spent working at home and a year or so off between degrees, I’ve spent 11.5 of the last 14 years here in Greenville. I’ve graduated twice, gotten married, had a baby, and graduated… [Read More]

Entire Dissertation Complete

It’s been a while since I posted an update here, but at long last, everything is done. On March 13, I successfully defended my dissertation. Last week I received word that all my final editing is complete. Just waiting for printed copies & commencement weekend now!

Entire First Draft Approved

I just received word from my committee today that my final content chapter and conclusion are approved. I’ve revised the first 4 chapters and have until February 15th to complete the revisions on the rest of the first draft. The work isn’t over yet: after I revise the first draft and submit it as a… [Read More]

Chapter 5 Submitted

I’ve hit the 2/3 mark in page and word count. It’s all downhill from here… I need to talk to my committee this week to find out if we can split my last titles into two separate chapters, or if we can decide on some of them being unimportant enough to omit.

Chapter 4 Submitted

It’s out of my hands now, at least for the moment. Just finished revising Chapter 4 by the same criteria my committee asked for with my Chapter 3 revisions. I’ve now submitted more than half of my dissertation. I’ve modified my chapter outline slightly: I’m removing the chapter on titles relating to kingship. I’m not finding my sources… [Read More]