Chapter 3 Resubmitted

After heavily revising Chapter 3, I’ve resubmitted it. The chapter grew by 50%, which helps my bottom line tremendously. I’m now 49% done by page count (48% by word count). Now to enjoy my weekend, then start revising Chapter 4 by the same standards on Monday…

Dissertation Update

Asking for substantial revision on Chapter 3, my committee has given me some helpful feedback on improving my content structure for each word study chapter (3-7). I’m working through that revision now on Chapter 3 and will be applying the same criteria as I revise Chapter 4 before submitting it. The additional work required by… [Read More]

Chapter 4 Complete

This chapter will be flying in a holding pattern until I submit it after I get chapter 3 back in the next week or so. Until then, chapter 5, here I come.

Christians and Debt: “Owe no man any thing”

The phrase “owe no man any thing” (Rom 13.8) is commonly misquoted as a prohibition on incurring financial debt. This verse is often twisted to mean, “Don’t put that TV on your credit card,” “Only buy used cars,” and “Don’t borrow money from your relatives.” (Strangely, those who misuse it in this fashion almost never take… [Read More]