Chapter 1 Submitted

What a relief! I just submitted Chapter 1: “The Official Development of the Imperial Cult in Rome.” It ended up being almost 7500 words (10% of the minimum requirement). Now I only have to do that 9 more times…

Flexibility and Deadlines

You know that feeling of starting a new project, having no idea how much time it’s going to take, but still needing to set some deadlines? Starting a dissertation fits that description precisely. I started with a schedule based on an estimate 3-4 weeks of work per chapter, I left the summer entirely open (my committee… [Read More]

Fighting for Progress: Quick Wins

After spending two days on a single book (a very detailed, very relevant single book!), I decided to aim for momentum today. I’ve got another two volumes of two-day reading (and two or three more in the library loan shipping system), but before getting back into the “good stuff,” I knocked out several shorter, less… [Read More]

My Dissertation Workflow & Tools

I’ve just started dissertating (barely 6% of the way through…) but I’ve already been asked a few times about my dissertation workflow and tools. I spent a while planning this before starting. Honestly, I was terrified of the thought of getting 35% finished and realizing that my workflow was slowing me down or that I… [Read More]

Dissertation Calendar

Thanks for your interest in my dissertation! I invite your feedback and accountability as I hit the deadlines listed below. Please subscribe to whatever calendar format you prefer and give me some gracious prodding if you notice that I miss a deadline. I’ll be updating the schedule as necessary (changes to chapter structure, providential delays,… [Read More]