Reflecting the Light of Jesus in the Darkness of the World

David Steinbach (my father) preached his first sermon last night at Heritage Baptist Church. He has a lot of experience with public speaking and with teaching Sunday School to various age groups, so his first sermon was a whole lot better than my first sermon was!

He preached Phil. 2.12-16, speaking about the Christian’s responsibility to live as lights to reflect the light of Jesus against the dark backdrop of the world.  It’s a careful sermon with many cross-references and clear application.  Listen here.

Prayer in the Old Testament

I recently completed a brief outline of an OT theology of prayer.  It also provided my outline for a recent Sunday School message I was able to teach at KMBC last Sunday.  It was a conviction and encouragement to me as I taught it and I hope it will be to you as well.

Download the audio file.
Download the notes.

When You Can’t Find Answers

Job faced some trials in his life (to put it quite mildly) and those afflictions raised some very difficult questions for him.  Using legal terminology repeatedly, Job demands a “court date” with God – he wants to be put on the divine docket.  And in the end (Job 38-42), Job hears from the Lord.  But he doesn’t hear the answers to his questions like we would expect…

This sermon explains the Lord’s reply to Job and its significance for us today.

Putting It All Together: Part One

The last eight lessons have pulled out major themes of Ecclesiastes and examined them individually. This lesson goes through the first six chapters of the book, putting pieces together and unfolding the flow of thought. The next lesson (in two weeks) will do the same for the rest of the book.

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