Dissertation Update

Asking for substantial revision on Chapter 3, my committee has given me some helpful feedback on improving my content structure for each word study chapter (3-7). I’m working through that revision now on Chapter 3 and will be applying the same criteria as I revise Chapter 4 before submitting it. The additional work required by this improved writing plan is challenging and time-consuming.¬†Fortunately, I’ve also edited my overall chapter plan and will only be writing 7 content chapters, not 8 as I’d previously anticipated.

My revised schedule is to complete and submit those two revisions by mid-October, then write the remaining 3 chapters in October, November, and December. Again, the up-to-date dissertation schedule is always available here.

2 comments on Dissertation Update

  1. I know how discouraging rewrites can feel, but I’m confident that your careful heeding of your readers’ advice will greatly benefit the quality of your paper as well as aiding you at your defense. Initially it’s quite hard to take such intense criticism of your work because you feel so invested in how you’ve already done it (not to mention the time and schedule pressures). In my experience, you’ll grow in your thankfulness for the changes as time passes. Thanks for the continued updates! I’m praying for you!

    • Thanks, Josh, I appreciate your encouragement! The revisions they’ve asked for are good revisions. On top of that, meeting with my readers to clarify the feedback was incredibly beneficial. It’s helpful to know that they’ve also gone through disapprovals and intense work schedules.

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