Moving Again

Denver, CO

A year ago, my family & I moved to Charlotte. The job that took us there was really good for me: I learned a lot, worked with some talented developers, and contributed to some exciting projects. We also met and fell in love with a small church called CityLight. I enjoyed being part of the preaching team and Audrey loved being part of the worship team. Needless to say, it was really hard to leave that church family behind.

But Charlotte was an interlude. We knew that going in, but it didn’t make leaving much easier. For a few years now, Audrey and I have wanted to move to Denver. She grew up there, I’ve spent a week or so visiting (and didn’t really need convincing), and we’ve got friends planting a church up in Brighton. My job transition was pretty simple, fortunately. About a month ago, I started working remotely for an education lead-generation company, so all I had to do was open my laptop in a new home office here.

We just drove out to Denver last weekend. (For the record, I plan never to spend 30hrs driving a box truck cross-country again…) We’re loving it already and looking forward to learning and growing here.