Don’t Say He Never Did Anything for You!

We know that God loves us – we could repeat those words like a mantra all day long – but sometimes feelings argue against that knowledge.  Whether harsh trials have you wondering if God actually loves you, or some quiet distance just has you wondering how exactly God does relate to you, the doubts and questions are nothing new.  Of course, God’s Word meets that need.  Eph. 1-3 contains quite a list of things that God has done for us:

[Your name here] has been blessed immeasurably, chosen, predestined, redeemed, forgiven, lavished with grace, shown the mystery of God’s will, included in Christ, marked with a seal, possessed by God, enlightened, empowered, made alive, saved, raised up with Christ, seated in heaven, made God’s masterpiece, given good works to do, brought near by the blood of Christ, reconciled, given access to the Father, made a fellowcitizen of God’s people and a member of his household, built up to be God’s temple, made an heir with Israel, allowed to approach God with freedom, strengthened, indwelled by Christ, rooted and established in love, and filled with the fulness of God!!

I don’t know about you, but I find that list to be pretty impressive!  Take a few minutes to read through Eph. 1-3 and be amazed by what God has done for you!