Reader input requested! Crazy question of the day…

I’m taking a Greek class next semester that includes memorizing nearly all the vocab in the New Testament.  My goal is to use my iPod Touch for my vocab flash cards.  I’ve looked at a few apps that do vocab cards, but none specially set for all NT Greek vocab (yep, it’s not the most common college course).

What I’d like to know is…

  1. have you found a good app that already has most of the NT Greek vocab (sorted alphabetically) available for it,
  2. have you used any iPod Touch flash card apps (which, and what do you think) or
  3. do you have or know where I could find an electronic list of all NT Greek vocab (spreadsheet, csv, Access DB, etc.)?

If you’ve got helpful info, drop a comment below.  If you’ve got access to a file, I’ll reply to your comment via email.

Thanks much!

UPDATE: Thanks to some comments, tweets and research, I’ve got the list of all vocab words & glosses in a CSV file.  When I get access to a macro-capable copy of MS Office (i.e., not ’08 for Mac!), I’ll run the BibleWorks Greek to Unicode font, then start experimenting with an iPod Touch app to see what works best.  I’ll report what happens as I go…

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  1. You have Bibleworks or Logos don’t you? Both of their vocab tools can do this. I know BW will export to a CSV, not sure about Logos.

    • @Andy – I will take a look into exporting the Greek vocab from BW7 – thanks for the tip! The book file woudn’t help much – I need the whole NT worth, I’m afraid!

  2. 2 things:

    iVocabulary is the go-to app for flashcards for vocab memorisation. As far as I’m aware it uses vocab files compatible with ProVoc for Mac. I’ve made some vocab files that accord with the full set of NT vocab, as well as some other book-based files too. Note that I haven’t used them with the iPhone app, just the Mac, but one of my Greek lecturers raves about this app.

    Greek Reader. (Full disclosure: I’m the developer.) This is a verse-by-verse lexicon of the whole NT, with every word occurring 100 times or less in the NT. This isn’t for memorisation (i.e. it’s not a flashcard app), but it’s a prompt to help you actually read Greek. It’ll be more helpful towards the end of your course rather than the beginning, which, judging by the age of this post, is probably about now.


  3. James…just stumbled across your blog and this post. I know it’s a bit late, but a while back I did some research on flashcard apps for the iPod touch. The one that I came away using was Mental Case. There is a lite version and a paid version. The nice thing about it is that there is a corresponding desktop application that syncs over Wi-Fi. Hope you find something that helps!

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