Searching for the perfect font

I’m on a search for the ideal theological font.  That font will have several characteristics:

  • Serif, variable-width, academic quality: primarily for papers
  • Full unicode character set: I type a lot of Greek and a little Hebrew
  • Nothing that bothers me, viz.,
    • Getting smaller (Gentium, Times [New Roman]) or larger (Cardo) when italicized
    • Looking boring (Times [New Roman])
    • Lacking characters and substituting mis-matched letters from a “similar” font (Cambria, Book Antiqua, Garamond, Bookman Old Style)
    • Overly narrow characters or kerning

Recommendations, anyone?

4 comments on Searching for the perfect font

  1. Let me know what you find… I’m on the same search. For now I’m using Adobe Minion Pro. It’s a nice serif font that’s not too boring looking, and has full polytonic greek support, but not Hebrew. Adobe Minion Pro (or just Minion Pro) shipped with older versions of Adobe Reader, but it’s not automatically installed, so you may have to dig to find it on your system. If you can’t find it, just install an old version of Reader and look for it where it puts the executable.

    The only problem I have with Minion Pro (besides the lack of Hebrew) is that although it has all the accented Greek characters, it auto substitutes Times New Roman ones when I’m typing. If i change the font back to Minion Pro, it’s all good.

    One additional quality my ideal font would have is that the Greek circumflex accent would look like a semicircle and not a tilde. The only one I know that does that is GentiumAlt, which has its own problems.

  2. One thing you may want to try is the ubuntu font. It looks great, and claims support for both Hebrew and Greek (I haven’t tried out those languages yet, but that’s due to a lack of time). The one thing is that I don’t think it’s serif, so it may not be perfect for you.

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