Harnessing the Power of Google for Exegesis

I just stumbled across an amazing website – BibleMap.org!

Google Maps and Google Earth are pretty amazing; I’ll grant that.  I’ve taken coordinates from BibleWorks maps and ran them through Google Earth to get a better picture of locations and distances in Bible narratives.  That works.  But I’m reading Amos and there are over 20 cities/countries in the first chapter!  I need something faster.  Enter BibleMap.org.

Screenshot from BibleMap.org - Amos 1

Screenshot from BibleMap.org - Amos 1

Just go to BibleMap.org, choose your passage and voila!  The locations in that chapter are all tagged with little Google Map pointers and if you click the pointer, you get an encyclopedia article about the location.  Or, even easier, you can just click the colored name in the Scripture text and it’ll open the right map location tag for you!

Definitely a bookmarked site for me – thanks to the folks at HeLives.com for a great tool!