RefTagger from Logos Bible Software

Imagine, if you will, that the people who look at your site will want to read the Scripture texts to which you make reference. Yet, your time is so valuable that you just can’t write individual links by hand for each reference. And we’ll say nothing of all the pages you’ve already written that would have to be edited… But now, there is a 10 minute solution (or maybe even faster if you’re smart enough) that will automatically turn every Scripture reference into a hyperlink to the verses in the translation of your choice – for past, present and future pages and posts!

Enter RefTagger from Logos Bible Software. This handy bit of script is available free from Logos offers two options: a brief bit of code that calls the longer script from Logos’ site (just paste it into your site page above the tag). Or they have created a WordPress plugin for WP blog users. My site is WordPress, but the plugin didn’t work. I spent several minutes looking through (what, to me, is a maze-like bunch of) WordPress site & theme files until I found the right one and just pasted the brief code (option 1). And now references like Prov. 13.12 show up as hyperlinks to the Scripture text!

Thanks, Logos!

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