RefTagger Update

A few days ago I noticed that RefTagger (from Logos) had been updated – it now gives the verse text in a tool-tip box. That’s a great feature – now you can read the intended text without leaving the site. For a demonstration, hover your mouse over any verse reference on this site: John 3.16. Very cool.

Right now, it appears that this feature is still in its early stage – they only have three translations available for the tool-tip: KJV, ESV and New Living Translation (as opposed to the nineteen translations available for an external hyperlink) and if you have one of those other translations chosen for your hyperlink, NLT is the default for tool-tip. I did not realize this and I apologize if anyone was bothered by that default NLT. I wasn’t overly fond of it either. But I am thankful to Logos for the work they’re doing and for offering RefTagger for free! Keep up the good work.

I also found out that my WordPress theme has two different closing php files (depending if you’re viewing the site or a single post), so I had to put the RefTagger code into two locations, but now it should be working everywhere.

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